Intrusion Alarm Systems

Over the past few years intrusion alarm systems have progressed a long way. Residential ‘Security Systems’ as they are commonly known as, have grown into full home automation systems with features only dreamed of a few short years ago.

Although systems have increased in bells,whistles and options that seem essential to everyday life we strive to keep up with the growing needs of our clients.

Honeywell LYNX Series

Probably the best series in wireless home security and automation, the Lynx series by Honeywell has all the features and more power than you could ask for. With its Z-WAVE® compatibility, camera integration and Honewell's Total Connect® it can allow you access to your home system from anywhere you can use your cellular phone.

Honeywell VISTA Series

Honeywell′s VISTA wired series has proven itself time and again. It has been the one of the systems that has proven the test of time. Although it′s core features haven′t changed Honeywell has done a teriffic job in staying on top of the newest technology for communication and protection.

We definately recommend this system for any business that requires solid security at an affordable price.